Health and Safety

The safety of our people remains a cornerstone of our business. We seek to improve our performance continuously as a Group and strive to ensure that all of our colleagues, contractors, agency workers and members of the public are kept safe.

 Health and Safety indicators

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS  2015/20162014/20152013/2014Variance

Lost Time Accident (LTA)1

 120  146 171 (18%)
Accident Frequency rate (AFR)2 3.2   4.2 4.8 (24%)

1number of LTAs resulting in lost of time of one shift or more
2number of LTAs per million hours worked

We are delighted to report another year where our key safety measures of LTAs and of AFR have both continued to improve. 

This has been the result of a programme of continuous improvement and the high priority assigned to safe working practices. Total number of employee LTAs was 120, which is an 18 per cent reduction since last year. The number of sites with zero LTAs was 211, up from 182 last year. 

During the period, we acquired five businesses, each of which had a markedly higher AFR than our existing businesses. We have worked hard to ensure that the focus on safety leadership, augmented by audits and investments in safety equipment and machinery guarding programmes, have been rapidly
adopted during the integration projects of these businesses.

A Health, Safety and Environment Leadership Team co-ordinates Group policy and ensures that best practice from the various parts of the organisation are shared and disseminated throughout the business. This team meets quarterly to review major LTAs/high potential severity incidents, and to coordinate audit activity and accident investigation. We will continue to set stretching safety
targets using a variety of leading indicators, as well as lagging key performance indicators, in order to develop a stronger zero accident culture in all sites, irrespective of how long they have been part of the DS Smith Group.

Examples of Health and Safety improvements 

Healthy Heart Mark 

DS Smith’s “Healthy Heart Mark” employee campaign in the UK has enjoyed continued success since its launch in January 2014. With every packaging site across the UK taking part in the Healthy Heart Checks that Heart Research UK provide, a combined 1,694 workers have been asked questions about their lifestyle habits, and have been given the opportunity to have their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, BMI and waist measurements checked. These sites are also engaging in a range of healthy activities including pedometer challenges, free fruit days, weekly weigh-ins, cycle to work schemes, gym subsidies, football tournaments and quit smoking initiatives. Much of the campaign’s success can be attributed to the hard work, passion and commitment of designated “Healthy Heart Champions”, who effectively bring the initiatives to life, pulling together teams and helping bring together a diverse range of healthy lifestyles.

These efforts have been officially recognised by Heart Research UK; 29 sites have been presented with Bronze Awards, with 15 going on to achieve Silver Awards. These awards are given in recognition of the efforts to promote and educate employees about the benefits of making healthy lifestyle decisions, and to ensure that they are embedded into the culture of the workplace.

Health and Safety Communication

At DS Smith, health and safety remains our number one priority. We are committed to the highest standards of safety, and are keen to ensure DS Smith is an engaging employer whose people can thrive and fulfil their potential. Feedback received from our colleagues highlighted the need to communicate our health and safety message consistently across all countries using graphics and imagery instead of words. It was decided to introduce a consistent communication toolkit across the business which empowered local teams to highlight the dangers of their workplace environment. This toolkit is centred around a character based on a corrugated box called Boxy, and is the face of our health and safety campaigns. Boxy is always on hand to highlight the potential dangers we face in our work environment. Humble and humorous, the character’s simple form makes it easy to craft instantly recognisable workplace scenarios and situations, and to develop strong messages that illustrate the health and safety risks across our business. Boxy posters will be prevalent across all of our sites, highlighting
the dangers posed in the workplace and encouraging best practice.