Wansbrough Paper Mill

Founded by William Wood in the 1750's, Wansbrough Mill in Somerset, Great Britain, is the largest UK manufacturer of coreboard.

The mill also produces Liner 3, as well as recycled envelope and bag papers. The total annual production capacity of the mill is around 180,000 tonnes on two machines. Machine upgrades in recent years have strengthened the mill’s quality output of Liner grades and coreboard. The mill also backs up Kemsley Mill in Plasterboard Liner production.


Liner 3
Liner 3 highly sized
Plasterboard Liner
Recycled Envelope papers
Recycled Bag papers


PM1 single-ply Fourdrinier

Grammage range: 50-175 g/m2
Production: 35,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  500 m/min
Trim max:  3.36 m

PM5 two-ply Fourdrinier

Grammage range: 120-350 g/m2
Production: 135,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  700 m/min
Trim max:  3.25 m

4 Coilers

Grammage range: 50-350 g/m2
Production: 60,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  1,000 m/min
Trim max:  40mm to 2.1m



Founded by William Wood in 1750. Known then as St Decuman’s, paper was made in the mill by hand using the vat method


Taken over by the Wansbrough family, who installed paper machines


A fire destroyed most of the mill in 1889, but by 1899 five paper machines were in operation and Wansbrough Mill was the largest manufacturer of paper bags in the country


The mill was purchased by William Reed and it stayed in the ownership of the Reed family and the Reed & Smith group 


Acquisition by St Regis International 


Acquisition by DS Smith


Since then, continuous investment in Wansbrough has turned it into an advanced papermaking facility with leadership in the coreboard market and the ability to back up Kemsley Mill in the production of high quality Plasterboard Liner


DS Smith 
Wansbrough Mill
TA23 0AY
Great Britain
Tel: +44 01984 631456