Kaysersberg Paper Mill

Ideally located at the heart of Europe, Kaysersberg Mill is a major producer of recycled cardboard and a leading supplier of corrugated case material.

With a capacity of 180,000 tonnes of high-quality special and technical cardboard, Kaysersberg Mill has always implemented ambitious, continuous improvement programmes by investing heavily in all the human and industrial aspects of Quality, Safety and Environment.


White Bico 75 / White Bico 68
Bico Liner Plus / Bico Liner
Brown, grey and white Solid Board
Plasterboard liners
White/Printed Paper Plates


PM1 nine-plies

Grammage range: 200-700 g/m2
Production: 40,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  200 m/min
Trim max:  2.24 m

PM2 nine-plies Fourdrinier

Grammage range: 200-700 g/m2
Production: 140,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  350 m/min
Trim max:  3.35 m


1857 First sawmill founded by Jean Weibel
1909 First cardboard machine launched in Alsace, PM1
1927 Construction of PM2
1961 Acquisition by Ferdinand B├ęghin
1989 Rebuild PM2
1992 Acquisition by DS Smith
1995 First ISO 9001 certification
2001 Installation of gas/electricity co-generation (CHP) plant
2005 Installation of shoe press on PM2
2008 Methanisation


DS Smith
Kaysersberg Mill
Departement Carton Plant
77 route de Lapoutroie
F-68240 Kaysersberg
Tel: + 33 3 8978 30 00