DS Smith solves e-commerce supply chain challenges

DS Smith unveils industry first e-commerce testing technology, plus innovative right-size packaging solutions at #Deliver2

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An industry first, DISCS tests whether packages can survive the bumps and scrapes of the average e-commerce supply chain.

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Made2fit is a new innovation that enables the creation of right size packaging

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  • Test your packaging with DISCS
  • The right size packaging with Made2fit

Our offering:



Depending on the functional requirements, we have different packaging types that serve a variety of segments.

Our packaging solutions

POP & POS displays

Whether counter displays, pallet displays or floor stands, our Display Strategists create the perfect display solution.

Our display solutions

ALl our products

Our offering is very wide, from corrugated pallets to sheetfeeding we also offer a full range of end-of-line packaging machines.

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We are Packaging Strategists delivering results:

Packaging in focus


Our PackRight approach to the optimum packaging

Working together we develop insights for packaging that generate more sales, lower your cost and manage risks.

Our collaborative approach

Explore new opportunities for your business

Learn how to judge your packaging’s performance at each stage of your supply cycle, right up to the moment of truth.

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Design inspiration at our PackRight Centres

Our PackRight Centres are where we bring inspiration from the drawing board to the factory floor.

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Packaging that deliver results

Our Packaging Strategists are hard at work developing packaging that help our customers delivering results.

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Better packaging for fast-growing HELL Energy drinks

DS Smith helped HELL Energy drinks to generate more sales thanks to an immediate increase in warehouse capacity.

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Protective packaging for new potatoes

DS Smith has developed a lightweight pack that has the strength to survive difficult conditions and protect a fragile product.

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