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Industrial packaging specialists

In Tecnicarton we design taylor made and multimaterial packaging solutions for any industrial product

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Reusable packaging

Returnable packages for storage, transport and supply to assembly line

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Corrugated packaging

Industrial packaging in corrugated cardboard: bulks, unitary transport and groupage of parts

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Protective packaging

Conditioning of the interior of the packages to ensure their immobilization and maximum protection

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Logistic packaging

Logistic packaging: plastic and cardboard pallets, tracking software, RFID devices...

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  • Reusable packaging
  • Corrugated products
  • Internal conditionning
  • Logistic packaging

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Our customers say ...

We interviewed Esther Tremosa and Alegría Vicente de Biosystems, leading company in clinical diagnosis.

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Plastic 7 and Tecnicarton develop an automotive container

Tecnicarton and Plastic 7 develop a container for automotive that allows the arrival of the piece to its destination in perfect conditions.

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"DS Smith Tecnicarton is 'Packaging engineering' because from the beginning we have gone further in offering a solution for our customers"

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We managed to reduce the delivery time of the Tecnipack® containers by 30%

An optimal resource management has enabled us to reduce up to 30% delivery of these containers for prototypes and small series.

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