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Custom Design

From Concept to Production

Our pro-active, cost effective design service enables customers to work directly with our development team to discuss product requirements and development ideas. Our expert group of engineers and designers have a vast knowledge of new technologies and materials, and can offer original, creative and functional solutions.

Our design team can offer:

  • Rendered models of your parts or components using the latest generation CAD software
  • An SLA model within 24 hours
  • Rapid prototype development using CNC machines

Our expertise:

From 50 years experience and working closely with world leading companies across a range of industries has made us experts in the science and technology of liquid flow.

We develop the most innovative solutions in order to provide clear benefits to consumers and brands, resulting in a drive of market share. Our ability to create original designs for customers ensures that they have a competitive advantage, allowing them to open up new marketing opportunities.

We focus on developing ideas from the very earliest stage in order to solve complex problems. We believe that any liquid management challenge can be met by applying knowledge and imagination. This experience has made us first class problem solvers in all types of packaging, from small fashionable items, through to industrial applications.

worldwidedispensersdesign wddesign designwdThe highest quality manufacturing

Once your design is complete the process of manufacture and assembly can begin. State of the art, automated high precision injection moulding machines, are used to provide the best quality components at a low cost.

The manufacturing process is meticulously managed from the injection moulding stage, to the assembly and testing processes. Computer controlled measuring equipment and lasers are used to find even the slightest deviation in the component, long before the product performance could be affected.

Individual parts are assembled by a high-speed automated process, which can be specifically designed and arranged for your product. Testing is thorough, incorporating pneumatic leak testing and as in the moulding stage, intense and scrupulous quality control.

Once the SLA has been created, we aim to provide the first batch of finished plastic taps within three weeks.