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Global Experience, local service.

DS Smith North America Recycling manages nearly a half-million tons of recycled fiber every year, producing over 550 thousand tons of paper for our packaging operations, of which over 200 thousand tons is recycled medium.

Cardboard Recycling Expertise

 At our DS Smith North America’s Reading Recycling depot, our recycling experience and quality assurance means we can guarantee to our customers that their recyclable medium will become a valuable part of the paper manufacturing process.

 The cardboard we collect is processed and turned into new cardboard boxes by our Packaging division in 14 days. This is an example of our closed-loop recycling process which guarantees cardboard is never sent to landfill or used as waste for energy.

Recycling Cardboard: What do we offer?

Guaranteed pickup of material

  • We are always in need of cardboard to fuel our Paper and Packaging divisions, so we can guarantee that we will always collect our customers’ cardboard.

A commitment to quality

  • Quality raw materials are at the heart of everything we do. This promises long-term benefits as we work together to decrease contamination, increase revenue, and boost your recycling rates.

A closed-loop recycling solution

  • Our 14-day box to box recycling process ensures that material intended for recycling is actually recycled.  

Dedicated account management 

  • Our account management team will work closely with you to deliver effective, industry-leading solutions to your recycling problems.

Transparency and compliance

 Through our global mill network, we provide end destinations for customer material. We give auditable recycling and recovery routes to improve our customers’ social responsibility and environmental impact.