Kraft Linerboard

DS Smith produces Kraft linerboard at Riceboro Mill, Georgia, USA. Our Kraft linerboard contains 25%-30% recycled fiber, depending on the grade. We take pride in serving our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional service.

The selection of linerboard includes Mullen Kraft linerboard and high performance Kraft linerboard.

Mullen Kraft linerboard

We produce Mullen, or Burst, Kraft linerboard based on Burst specification values, in accordance with Rule 41 of the railroad freight classifications and Item 222 of the trucking regulations. These specify the basis weight of the facings and corrugating medium, as well as the bursting strength of the combined board for the following linerboards:

  • 42 Kraft
  • 47 Kraft
  • 61.4 Kraft
  • 69 Kraft
  • 82 Kraft
  • 90 Kraft

High performance Kraft linerboard

High Performance or SCT Kraft linerboard are defined as those primarily intended for the construction of corrugated board. We produce them in accordance with the requirements of the Alternate Rule 41/Item 222, which specifies the edge crush strength, for the following grades:

  • 52 High Performance
  • 55 High Performance
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