>< more from less

We provide global services which are core to packaging and the areas it affects. We make design work more effectively for your brand by enhancing product utility and reducing environmental impact.

Our four stage process is end-to-end, from concept to consumer. 

  1.  Forethought: Insights-driven innovation
  2.  Precycling: Redefining how packaging works with your value chain
  3.  Equity: Virtual packaging management
  4.  Delivery: Compliance management

 The company’s philosophy is to partner with clients to reveal their brand promise, delivering results that benefit their business and the environment.

>< transforms packaging from an unwanted cost to a value-driven innovation.  We simply work with smart creativity to design packaging in tune with your value chain, which means you sell more and save more.

>< has offices in the USA, UK, Belgium, India and Hong Kong, offering clients a truly Global reach.

Our expertise