Corrugated Plastic Solutions
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AkyPure® Sterilizable Packaging

Hygiene and performance are vital in serving the laboratory and medical device industry.

Manufactured in dedicated areas with a protective environment, AkyPure┬« plastic packaging has been developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical clients to comply with industry regulations. The durability and resilient properties of our polypropylene material prevents breakage of fragile products.


We offer a range of polypropylene extruded plastic trays to protect vials, bottles, syringes and other fragile primary packaging.


Single use and reusable polypropylene plastic boxes are hygienic and sterilizable. They can be supplied in any size and with a multitude of customizable options including micro-perforation, handles and internal fitments.


Reusable plastic containers are foldable, lightweight andare designed to protect, store and transport your goods safely and effectively.