Corrugated Plastic Solutions

AkyPak® Reusable Packaging

AkyPak solutions offer reusable and cost effective packaging to suit a number of markets.

AkyPak® offers a wide range of plastic packaging solutions from boxes and totes, sleeves and complete foldable plastic bulk containers. They are optimally designed to be cost effective solutions for various markets such as automotive, retail, industrial and agri-food. They guarantee durability and modularity while being returnable and offering zero waste.      

Reusable Bulk Containers

We have a large range of solutions that combine a HDPE twin sheet thermoforming lid and pallet and our PP sleeve.


  • AkyPak Classic: returnable in 3 separate, stackable parts to optimize logistics flow
  • AkyPak Advanced: compacted into a single unit return position to avoid loss of pieces
  • AkyPak 4You: create a completely customized container according to your specifications 

Customizable Polypropylene Sleeves

Combined with a thermoformed pallet and cover, the AkyPak sleeve is ideal for creating a lightweight and robust container. The high bubble density featured in our AkyBoard material ensures the consistent rigidity and strength that is necessary for reusable packaging. Customizable sizing allows for the optimization of cargo by maximizing the amount of usable shipping space. They are fully foldable and collapsible offering savings in logistics, storage and transportation. When properly handled, our durable and resilient AkyPak sleeves carry a long lifespan. Additionally, they can be recycled and repurposed at the end of their useful life.

Boxes & Totes

Boxes and totes are a versatile solution that allows for fully customizable packaging. They include both one-way and multi-way transit packaging. The end product is developed based on whole group experiences and customer needs. Internal fittings and other materials can be specified to ensure ideal protection of products.