Corrugated Plastic Solutions

Plastics New Organisation

As of the 27th of February 2020, DS Smith Plc's Plastics division was acquired by Liquibox Corp.

Post-acquisition, the division has been split in four ways as follows:

  • Plastics’ Flexible Packaging business known as Rapak and Worldwide Dispensers are now part of Liquibox.
  • The Rigid Packaging business segments are now:
    • Corplex, previously DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products, which operates from seven manufacturing sites located in France (3), Illinois USA, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom
    • DW Reusables, previously DS Smith Plastics, Injection Moulded Products which operates from four strategically located European locations in Belgium, Croatia, Spain and Poland.
    • Engineered Foam Products, previously DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products which operates from four manufacturing sites located in the United Kingdom.