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Corrugated Produce Trays

Corrugated produce trays provide versatile packaging solutions, and with the right print and structural design, the packaging can help increase sales in store; create visual disruption, support promotions and shopper navigation.

Our standard footprint size or bespoke trays are produced in a flat blank format for both hand erect and automatic packing lines and the stacking design feature gives stabilisation of the packs in the supply chain.

We are leading the way with the adoption of the new Common Footprint Quality (CFQ) standard in collaboration with the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) which guarantees stackability and quality whilst bringing many benefits and efficiencies to the entire supply chain as well as giving growers, packers and retailers total confidence that fruit and vegetables will arrive safely at their destination.

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DS Smith endorse CFQ standard for fresh produce trays

CFQ Accreditation - Find out more

Contact us to discuss how our corrugated trays can:

  • Promote and make your product easy to locate in store
  • Protect your product whilst making it supply chain efficient
  • Easily knock down and 100% recyclable