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rapak bag-in-box  keeps wine quality optimal up to 6 weeks

Wine Bags for Bag-in-Box

The Perfect Pairing

Our wine bags and fitments are specifically tailored to the needs of the wine industry. In addition to offering the whole brand experience with our Bag-in-Box systems for wine, we also offer a variety of dispensers by Worldwide Dispensers

Bags for Bag-in-Box Wine

Our flexible packaging is made to provide an excellent O2 barrier. This barrier allows for an unopened shelf life of up to one year. Once the pack is opened, the organoleptic properties of the wine will stay optimal for up to 6 weeks.     

We also provide a wide range of bag sizes from 1.5L [.5 Gal.] to 1000L [220 Gal.]  wine-bagbags. Our most popular flexible bag sizes for the wine industry include 3L [.79 Gal.], 5L [1.3 Gal.], and 10L [2 Gal.].

Each bag is available for Bag-in-Box. Bag-in-Box removes the need for corkscrews, is a sustainable option, and extends the freshness of the wine.

Flexible Bags, a Variety of Film

We offer two types of film barriers. Our MET/PET film with PE layering is designed for UV protection and is a great oxygen barrier. Alternatively, we offer EVOH film with PE layering that is a clear bag and offers the same excellent oxygen barrier. This O2 barrier allows an unopened shelf life of up to one year.