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rapak evacufilm technology for bag in box packaging

EvacuStrip™ and DuraBev™ Bags for Bag-in-Box

Bag-in-Box packaging for post-mix syrups (soft drinks), pulpy juices and other highly viscous liquids

EvacuStrip Bags for Bag-in-Box

  •         Bag uses dip strip– a rigid 13” or 18” rectangular evacuation technology assistance device
  •         Evacuation performance in excess of 99.6% at any Bag-in-Box orientation, including vertically situated bag-in-boxes with evacuation at the top of the box
  •         Durable and puncture resistant Biaxially-oriented Nylon laminated structure
  •         High portion yield to end users
  •         Improved filler efficiency

DuraBev Bags for Bag-in-Box

  •         Bag uses an embossed film technology
  •         Evacuation performance in excess of 99%
  •         Durable and puncture resistant Biaxially-oriented Nylon laminated structure
  •         Product can reliably survive a 40” drop test
  •         High portion yield to end users
  •         Improved filler efficiency

PCSS+ Post-Mix Connecting System

Rapak’s new NSF approved PCSS+ connector is a universal screw-on post-mix connecting system that works with both PCSS fitments and Liqui-box’s Encore® fitments.  Rapak’s patented over-molded seal eliminates o-ring swelling and leaking when used with diet soda and juice; thus reducing service calls to replace defective connectors.  The new design can be easily cleaned and sanitized making it safe for food contact.  


PCSS Connectors for Post Mix Bag-in-Box Systems

Challenged by Equipment managers to come up with a solution to eliminate the swelling of the O-ring in a Bag-in-Box connector, we have developed the PCSS connector. This connector system eliminates a major source of service calls for “no-flow” and eliminates the swelling of O-Rings when exposed to diet or fruit based products.

The PCSS system has an internal sealing system that has been modified to incorporate the use of a non-cured elastomer which is resistant to swelling in normal diet and fruit juice products. 

Download the EvacuStrip DataSheet

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