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rapak bag-in-box packaging and filling equipment

Bags, Films and Fitments

Designed to protect your liquids

We offer a wide range of construction-engineered bags and fitments to suit your needs. Bag filling capacity ranges from 1.5L [1/2 gal.] to 1400L [369 gal.] Additionally, our bags are suited for high-technology, high-output production and fully automated filling machines. 

Types of Bags and Films Available

Our offering includes many different types of bags including standard, aseptic, Intasept® and bulk options. Additionally, we offer many different types of films to help best construct a bag suited for your liquids. Some options include:

  • A choice of multi-layered metallised polyester, EVOH or PE bags
  • Polyethylene films (LLDPE, MLDPE, HDPE)
  • Nylon / LLDPE films laminate or co-extruded
  • Barrier films metallised lamination or EVOH
  • Foil laminates


Our fitments are suited to meet the varied needs of each industry and liquid requirements. Some of these options include a range of taps and pouring devices, caps, tubes and connecting valves.