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Sterikap™ Flexible Bags Filling System

For High Acid Aseptic and Low Acid Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Liquid Products

Filling equipment for flexible bags with a fully enclosed fill chamber for filling irradiated bags under sterile conditions for Bag-in-Box applications.   


The Sterikap filling technology is designed to fill both high and low acid products in a sterile environment:

  • Low acid – milk, ice cream mix, milk shake bases, sauces
  • High acid – aseptic juices, fruit and vegetable purees

Benefits of Sterikap filling machines:

  • Easy operator interface
  • Fully enclosed fill chamber, providing sterility during production with a combination of steam, sterilant water and/or sterile air
  • Easy to install system with only steam, compressed air and single-phase power
  • Compatible with a large range of fitments, caps and dispensers
  • Quick and simple bag size changes
  • Cleaned in place/steamed in place (CIP/SIP)
  • Compact size

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Rapak fillers have been designed to USA 3A, FDA and European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) standards and comply with EU Health and Safety work acts. Noise level is under 80 decibels.

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