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Intasept® Flexible Bags Filling System

For aseptic liquid food and beverages

The only aseptic filling equipment for flexible bags in the market that offers the security of heat-sealed closure before and after filling. Suitable for Bag-in-Box, drums, bins, IBC and other containers for liquids.


Intasept aseptic filling technology is suitable for liquid and particulate products, both high and low acid:

  • Beverages – dairy, juices, coffee, tea, beer concentrates and other
  • Food – soft serve ice cream mix, creams, custards, soups, broths, sauces, fruit and vegetables purees and pulp with particles up to 10mm
  • Ingredients - Omega 3, vitamins, enzymes
  • Bio-medical – clinical feeding and cell culture media

Intasept Technology

Unique Intasept system guarantees the aseptic transfer of aseptic product into bags. This technology offers the security of heat-sealed closure both before and after filling.

The system comprises of two parts:

  • Double membrane 16/32mm gland guarantees heat-sealed closure before and after filling. It utilizes a patented energy riser technology for more effective and quicker reseal 


  • Filler ensures the sterile transfer for both low and high acid products without use of chemical agents.

Benefits of Intasept filling machines:

  • Easy operator interface
  • Easy to install system with only steam, compressed air and single phase power
  • No special factory environment is required as the closed transfer system excludes ambient air from all stages of the filling process
  • Servomotors for accuracy
  • Compatible with a large range of fitments, caps and dispensers
  • Quick and simple bag size changes (up to 10L - without mechanical adjustment)
  • Cleaned in place/steamed in place features (CIP/SIP)
  • Compact size 

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Rapak fillers have been designed to USA 3A, FDA and European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) standards and comply with EU Health and Safety work acts. Noise level is under 80 decibels.

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Intasept filling machines are available in semi-automatic and fully automatic options for 1.5 - 20 L (0.5 - 5 gal.) flexible bags as well as for bulk containers.


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