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Intasept® Technology

Bag-in-Box Aseptic Filling Systems

We offer a complete Intasept® aseptic system consisting of an aseptic gland (in 16mm and 32mm sizes) and an Intasept filling machine. When used together, it is for the sealed hygienic filling of aseptic product into sterile Bag-in-Box packaging. 

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Intasept’s complete aseptic system is suitable for liquid and particulate foods and beverages meeting FDA and EU regulations.

  • Beverage - milk, juices, coffee, tea and other specialised beverages
  • Food - soft serve ice cream mix, creams, custards, puddings, soups, broths, sauces, fruit and vegetables purees and pulp.
  • Bio-medical - clinical feeding and cell culture media

Intasept Filling Machines

The Intasept Bag-in-Box filling equipment system offers the security of heat-sealed closure both before and after filling, together with the assurance of a sterile and completely sealed aseptic product transfer path without using any chemical sterilants. The sterile product never comes into contact with any surface or air space that has not been actively sterilised. The principle is the same for both low and high acid applications.

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The benefits of our Intasept filling system includes:

  • High speed filling
  • Servomotors for high accuracy fill & consistent speed
  • Quick & simple bag size changes without mechanical adjustment
  • Easy operator interface
  • Cleaned-in-Place (CIP)/Steamed-in-Place (SIP)

Equipment Fabrications and Components

All fabricated components are made from stainless steel and engineering plastics. Intasept® Bag-in-Box filling equipment meets and complies with the following standards:

  • European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) standards
  • EU Health and Safety work acts
  • CE safety and construction requirements
  • USFDA and 3A process and construction requirements.

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Intasept Double Membrane Gland Technology

The Intasept gland developed with a unique double membrane technology provides a path for a sterile transfer of product into a sterile environment of the bag. Intasept offers two types of glands, the 32mm and the 16mm round gland.

Intasept Gland Features & Benefits:

  • Tamper evident protection
  • Maintains aseptic integrity
  • Withstands high temperatures and pressures to enable shorter sterilisation times or higher sterilisation levels
  • Product is completely protected and is not exposed to any potential contamination