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Bag-in-Box Filling Equipment

Achieve maximum flexibility and control with our filling systems

We offer high-speed, accurate Bag-in-Box packaging and filling equipment options to meet the diverse needs of the market. We work closely with our customers to deliver the ideal Bag-in-Box filling equipment solution that suits their product and industry. Our systems are also suitable for filling bags for drums, bins, IBC and other containers. 

Our filling equipment offering includes:

  • Hot and cold fill solutions
  • High and low-acid product filling
  • Shelf-stable, ESL and fresh products filling
  • Semi-automatic fillers for product testing and small scale production
  • Fully automatic fillers for high volume output
  • Custom designed projects for any liquids

We offer the following filling equipment technologies:

  • Autokap™ technology -  For fresh and stable liquids
  • Sterikap™ technology - For filling extended shelf life (ESL) and sterile products into bags with caps or tubes

We use high-quality components and our filling equipment meets the USA 3A and European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) standards.  Complies with Health and Safety work acts.

Benefits of Bag-in-Box fillers:

  • Easy-to-install
  • Filling speed from 3 to 19 bags/min depending on the bag size and product supply conditions
  • Suitable for bags from 1,5L to 1400L (0.5 to 360 Gal)
  • Very low investment compared to other packaging filling technologies
  • Quick size changes, for up to 10L without mechanical adjustments
  • No chemicals used in machine sterilization, only steam
  • No splash, no drip, and consistent air control
  • Compact: line footprint less than 70m2