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Advanced bag in box and filling equipment expertise and service

Expertise and Services

Advanced flexible packaging and filling solutions

When combined with innovative dispense solutions, bag-in-box is one of the most convenient, cost-effective, and ecological form of packaging. We consistently deliver high performance Bag-in-Box packaging solutions and are ISO-certified for quality and reliability.

We work closely with our customer to deliver the ideal solution that suits their product, industry, and production space; combined with filling systems support team across Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand and a network of partners, we can provide full service around the clock to customers wherever they are.

Let Rapak's Filling Equipment Specialists help you gain competitive advantage

We help customers worldwide achieve competitive advantages in the most dynamic markets. The components used in our fillers are from high quality, trusted international companies.Bag-in-Box production lines can easily be expanded. We'll work with and advise you on the most suitable equipment needed. Our service and support team will provide your staff with in-depth training in operating and engineering our systems.
We have developed Bag-in-Box packaging and filling options which meet the diverse needs of different liquid foods:

We provide an extensive range of bag-in-box fillers for both aseptic and non-aseptic and semi or fully automatic systems to fill bags from 1.5L to 1400L with the widest choice of bags and fitments.

How we can help you get ahead of the competition:

  • Autokap™ adds value to production lines through high-speed, accurate filling of fresh or stable products into bags.
  •  Bag-in-Box provides the most convenient and cost-effective form of packaging for fruit juices, purées, milk, and other liquid dairy products.
  •  Our fully automatic fillers can be linked to a modem for remote diagnostics and remote service support.
  • Our service contracts can be tailored to customer's specific filler runtime to meet production requirements.