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Bag-in-Box and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) for safe delivery of non-invasive pharmaceutical liquids

Hygienic single use 1,5-1400L packaging format suitable for inter-hospital transit as well as for direct appliance at laboratories and medical facilities. Easy dosage and connectivity with medical dispensing devices.

Bag-in-Box packaging solutions for pharmaceutical sector:

  • Bag-in-Box packaging reduces the risk of cross contamination.
  • Intasept® aseptic transfer technology with double membrane filling ensures sterility for the most sensitive products.
  • Collapsible bag provides product protection and little O2 ingress during delivery. No contact with air even after opening as the bag collapses allowing longer opened shelf life.
  • Several moisture and oxygen barrier options to suit all pharma requirements.
  • Variety of adaptors and connectivity options to suit existing medical equipment allowing secure hygienic product transfer.
  • Variety of dispensers for hermetical re-closure during usage, easy dosage and portion control.
  • No pre-cleaning needed as the bags are supplied flat.
  • Space efficient for storage and easy for disposal at end user.
  • Range of sizes to suit different application and portion requirements.
  • Lower investment and operational cost compared to rigid containers
  • Space savings in storage and transport

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) for pharma sector:

  • 250-1100 L volume flexibility.
  • Hygienic–airtight filling eliminates possible contamination problems.
  • Requires no internal cleaning, which reduces cross contamination risk
  • No air ingress eliminates skinning and aids easy pump discharge.
  • Meets relevant pharmaceutical standards.
  • Integral valve discharge options as well as bayonet line connection.
  • Easy fill liners.

DS Smith Flexible Packaging offers a wide range of bag options including METPET, EVOH with PE and additive-free PE Film along with filling systems and outer packaging for all non- invasive liquids. Contact us to know more about our standard and bespoke solutions for pharma sector.