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Bag-in-Box for Paint, Coatings and Varnishes

Bag-in-Box is an excellent packaging alternative for water based paint, coatings and wood-preservers.

Why is Bag-in-Box a better option compared to plastic jerrycans and tin cans?

More sustainable:

  • 100% recyclable outer box
  • Minimum 55% less plastic than HDPE bottles
  • Minimum 50% lighter than tin cans
  • -90% of CO2 footprint for 2.5L BIB vs. same size tin

         (source: World Aluminium / Rapak LCA) 

More practical for the consumer:

  • Fully closed pack allows:
    • Greater cleanliness - no mess, dripping or glugging
    • Paint is protected from air and light so it does not get dry or form crust
    • Longer shelf life– up to 18 months after opening
  • BPA-free
  • Kneading the bags instead of stirring

Optimized for the brand:

  • Strong branding impact due to large printable front surface
  • Lower transport and storage cost: 25% less pallets, trucks and deliveries
  • Easy bulk shipping and dispensing options
  • Low investment cost

Bags and Films for Paint, Coatings and Varnishes

Bag-in-Box flexible bags are designed for maximum product evacuation for your product. This means that you get as much of your product out as possible and prevent paint or coatings waste. 

Rapak offers a wide range of film options including METPET, EVOH and PE in 3-1400L (1G- 370G) sizes with custom sizing available. Bags with a double seam for extra security are also available. All our products are free from phthalates, heavy metals and Bisphenol A.

Bag-in-Box taps and fitments for Paint, Coatings & Varnishes

Bag-in-Box packaging is designed to include the best dispensing features for your products with taps, quick connects, removable screw caps and many other options available.

Some of our dispensing options are displayed below (individual tests need to be performed to assess feasibility depending on product viscosity, stiction and desired flow characteristics):

Filling Equipment for Bag-in-Box

Compact, high-speed and accurate filling machines range:

  • Semi-automatic machines as an entry system and for low scale production
  • Fully automatic machines for high volume output up to 17 bags / min
  • Custom designed solutions for any liquids
  • Easy interface