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Bag-in-Box for Smoothies

Hygienic, user-friendly and more sustainable packaging solution for smoothie mixes, flavorings and protein beverages for Foodservice and Industrial use.

Why is Bag-in-Box for smoothies a better option?

Product Preservation

  • Maintain safety and freshness by protecting against exposure to air

 Storage & Logistics

  • Easier and more efficient storage and easy to transport


  • Works with most dispensing systems, providing consistent and easy dispensing
  • Reduce product waste with high portion yield
  • User-friendly packaging and dispensing


  • 100% recyclable box
  • 65% lighter than traditional containers

Bags and Films for Smoothies

Our smoothie bags protect the taste and quality of flavor-sensitive dairy liquids and offer low oxygen permeability. Rapak offers a wide range of film options for smoothies including METPET with PE and EVOH with PE. Irradiated bags are also available.  

All our products are EU and FDA approved for direct food contact and free from phthalates, heavy metals and Bisphenol A.


Fitments and Dispensers for Smoothies

Strivo™ Bag-in-Box Connector


<p><span>The Strivo™ &nbsp;Bag-in-Box connector and complementing&nbsp;fitment offers ease of use with it’s simple connect,&nbsp;twist and lock functionality. Ideal for use when&nbsp;connecting flexible packaging to dispensing&nbsp;machinery, Strivo is suitable for high or low viscosity&nbsp;liquid beverages. and is a<span>vailable in aseptic and non-aseptic versions</span></span></p>
Smoothie cap


<p><span>Smoothie cap with removable dust cover (Aseptic and Non-Aseptic)</span></p>

Filling Machines and Systems for Smoothies

Rapak offers high-speed, accurate Bag-in-Box filling equipment options to meet the diverse needs of the liquid packaging markets. Our high speed semi-automatic and fully automated filling machines are made from stainless steel and engineering plastics. They have been designed to European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) standards, and they comply with EU Health and Safety work acts (e.g. noise level under 80 decibels).

Bag-in-Box, a more sustainable packaging option

Bag-in-Box is a more sustainable alternative to other forms of packaging, enabling carbon reductions, cost savings and efficiencies in our customers’ supply chains.  Bag-in-Box has excellent environmental credentials‒ as confirmed by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) ‒ as it is easier to transfer, store and dispose of in regular waste collections.

Find out more about Bag-in-Box sustainability and LCA

Bag-in-Box increases product shelf life

Rapak bag’s specialized film properties coupled with Worldwide Dispensers’ custom dispensing and precision moulding solutions offer longer shelf-life to opened products than traditional containers.