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bag-in-box flexible packaging for liquid foods

Liquid food

Optimising Shelf Life

Whether your food products are distributed via cold chain or at ambient temperature, our packaging systems will optimise the shelf life of your food products. 

Our bags and fitments are manufactured to the highest food standard and are designed for ultimate performance and food transfer hygiene and efficiency. Our dispensing and filling technologies allow shelf-life to be prolonged as sterile packaging remains completely aseptic until the point of consumption. For packaging in large quantities, we offer IBC solutions incorporating 3-layer bags which offer a cost-effective, flexible, and convenient alternative to traditional bulk containers. 

Flexible packaging benefits for liquid food include the following:

  • An ultra-hygienic system which provides longer shelf life once the bag has been opened
  • Innovative dispensing techniques tailored to prevent any wastage and spilling
  • A cost effective packaging alternative which brings efficiency gains, lower storage costs, and space savings in transport.
  • A light-weight, environmentally friendly packaging option which reduces waste and helps protects the environment.

Common foods that use Bag-in-Box packaging: