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rapak bag in box for chemicals reduces weight and waste

Chemicals and household

Flexible Packaging to Reduce Weight and Waste

We use our experience and knowledge of flexible packaging to serve the chemical and household industries which can highly benefit from flexible packaging.  Made of renewable materials, flexible packaging uses less material.

For products like motor oil, a flexible packaging system like Bag-in-Box may reduce packaging waste by as much as 84%. Disposal costs are dramatically reduced and pallet efficiency stacking is improved.

For paint and coatings, flexible packaging is more efficient than standard paint packs. The fully closed pack allows greater cleanliness, and there are no issues of splashing, glugging, or forming of crust. It has the added benefits of greater paint economy, little cleaning up, and the bag is easier to dispose of.

Flexible packaging is used across a very large array of chemical and pharmaceutical liquids. It is hygienic, practical, and eliminates contamination risk from unclean glassware.  We offer a more sustainable packaging solution and major cost reduction to end users.

Other common chemical and household using Bag-in-Box include the following:

  • Adhesives
  • Chemicals
  • Coatings and paint
  • Household
  • Motor Oils
  • Pharmaceuticals