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Ultra-hygienic and cost-effective way to pack water for both retail and water coolers.

Water in Bag-in-Box packaging provides a convenient distribution format that becomes an effective dispensing system for self-service commercial vending or domestic consumption. We offer a range of flexible packaging which consists of bag specifications from 1.5 to 1000 litres, state-of-the-art filling machines and complimentary dispensing options from our sister company, Worldwide DispensersTM.

Bag-in-Box packaging systems for water are user-friendly, lightweight, convenient, versatile, hygienic and efficient. Contamination is minimised and hygiene is improved since no air enters the bag during dispensing. Our packaging solutions remove the cost of cleaning and storing empty bottles at half the weight of polycarbonate.


We offer a wide variety of bag sizes available to our customers ranging from 5L [1 Gal. to 1000L [220 Gal.]

Our most popular bag sizes are as follows:

  • Water - 5L and 10L  [1 and 3 Gal.]
  • Food service/catering industries - 15L and 20L [4 and 5 Gal.]
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) - 220L, 500L and 1000L [60, 130 and 220 Gal.]  

Flexible Bags, a Variety of Film

We offer EVOH film with PE layering that is clear and offers an excellent oxygen barrier protection. The EVOH / additive free PE provides a flavour neutral contact layer to protect the taste and quality of low mineralised water.

Filling Machines & Systems

We offer high-speed accurate Bag-in-Box filling equipment options to meet the diverse needs of liquid packaging markets. Our filling equiptment is constructed with stainless steel and engineered plastics. Our standard AutokapTM filling machine systems are available in semi and fully automated for fresh and stable liquids. SterikapTM  filling machines are hygienic and made for irradiated film bags and has an enclosed chamber for increased hygiene. 

Fitments and Dispensers for Water

In an effort to develop the ideal system for Bag-in-Box water dispensing, we work closely with Worldwide Dispensers to offer the best complimenting fitments for our bags based on the needs of the water industry.  VINIflowTM, a top pull dispensing tap with easy flow and a tamper evident feature, and MustangTM, a front push dispensing tap featuring a smooth and uniform flow with no post-drip, are recommended for Bag-in-Box water dispensing. Additionally, for non-Bag-in-Box applications, a range of air-return water taps are available.