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Bag-in-Box for Water

More sustainable and cost-effective alternative to plastic bottles for homes and offices

Why is Bag-in-Box for water a better option?

Its versatility and numerous benefits make it ideal for Foodservice and in-home applications:

  • Excellent barrier properties and water taste preservation
  • No weight lifting to serve: kids and seniors-friendly
  • One-hand pouring
  • Can be dispensed directly from the fridge
  • Keeps water cooler for longer
  • 360º printable surface for strong brand impact on retail shelves

A more sustainable solution

Bag-in-Box is a more sustainable alternative to plastic bottles, enabling carbon emissions reduction, cost savings and efficiencies in our customers’ supply chains:

  • Lightweight, offering energy savings during transport
  • Stackable, enabling logistics and warehouse space optimization
  • 100% recyclable box, made from an average of 88% recycled material
  • Minimal waste

Ideal alternative to water coolers


Bag-in-Box is a practical replacement for 3-20L (0.8-5gal) water coolers with PET/ PE returnable bottles. One-way stackable and space-optimized packaging eliminates the heavy costs and time of collecting and cleaning the empty containers for re-use, as well as the use of chemicals for sterilization.

Packaging lifecycle comparison:

Bags & Films for Water

Rapak® offers a wide range of bag sizes from 1.5L (.5gal) to 20L (5gal) as well as customizable options. Our water grade bags are comprised of an EVOH-based PE film. The ultra-clean, specially formulated, inner film layer is designed with reduced additives to ensure excellent organoleptic properties.

Fitments & Dispensers for Water 

In an effort to develop the ideal system for Bag-in-Box water dispensing, we work closely with Worldwide Dispensers to offer the best complimenting fitments for our bags based on the needs of the water industry. Additionally, a range of air-return water taps is available for use on plastic bottles.

Viniflow™ Push Tap for Bag-in-Box


<p>Viniflow ™ top pull dispensing tap is&nbsp;designed for use with both semi-automatic and&nbsp;automatic filling machines. It offers a controlled uniform&nbsp;flow ideal for Bag-in-Box packaging.</p>
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<p>The front push tap design and the ergonomic wings makes it easier for the end user to dispense liquids from Bag-in-Box. The Mustang tap has a smooth, uniform flow, and its unique gate closing system ensures no post-drip and the longest product shelf life.</p>

Filling Machines & Systems for Water