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rapak bag in box beer packaging new alternative to beer kegs

Rapak Bag-in-Box for Beer

A taste direct from the brewery

Rapak’s Bag-in-Box for beer is the new alternative to traditional kegs used in combination with  carbonating systems.  

Traditional keg systems are associated with capital expense, return fees, storage space issues and wastage due to limited shelf-life of in-use kegs. Bag-in-Box for beer addresses these issues preserving hygiene and taste and offers peace of mind!

Why is Bag-in-Box a better option for beer?

  • Dispensing with Bag-in-Box provides longer-lasting foam
  • Elimination of expenses associated with kegs return
  • Labor time reduction to clean and sanitize the lines
  • Eliminates additional cost of hiring professional cleaning services
  • Eliminates the risk of altering taste with cleaning chemicals
  • Less CO₂ is added compared to the equivalent kegs

Key advantages of Bag-in-Box technology over traditional kegs: 


Efficiencies in overall transportation costs due to difference in footprint from keg vs. Bag-in-Box

  • 30% more beer per pallet
  • Reduction in transportation cost
  • Elimination of keg return fees
  • Reduction in storage space


  • Reduction in capital tied up in packaging
  • Reduction in keg losses of approximately €70 million yearly
  • Reduction of carbon footprint as returned empty kegs contain 125-150 L of C02 and mixed gas that is released to the environment
  • Elimination of cleaning & sterilization cost of re-usable kegs
  • Reduction of packaging cost. Average Bag-in-Box costs €2.50/20 L
  • Light weight and non-pressurized packaging
  • Improvements in storage utilisation
    • Flat packed when empty
    • Stackable when full


  • Longer Shelf-life vs. kegs
    • 9-12 months when kept unbroached in normal conditions
    • Double the shelf-life when broached vs. keg kept in cellar cooled environments
    • Preserved quality and flavor
  • Reduction of product waste
  • Reduction in storage space required at bar
  • Boxes can connect in series eliminating down time changing kegs
  • 100% recyclable outer box can be locally collapsed and disposed
  • At 2.5x20L Bag-in-Box (equivalent to 1x50L keg) delivers 88 pints and uses 22 grams less C02. 252 grams vs. 230 grams

Bag-in-Box, a more sustainable packaging option

Bag-in-Box is a more sustainable alternative to other forms of packaging, enabling carbon reductions, cost savings and efficiencies in our customers’ supply chains.  Bag-in-Box has excellent environmental credentials‒ as confirmed by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) ‒ as it is easier to transfer, store and dispose of in regular waste collections.

Find out more about Bag-in-Box sustainability and LCA