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Flexible Packaging for Beverage

Efficient, Hygienic and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Manufacturers are turning to Bag-in-Box as a more efficient and productive way of packaging beverages.  Our packaging systems include bags, urn-liners, fitments, and fillers. 

Flexible beverage packaging benefits for end-users:

  • Beverages stay fresher for longer
  • User and family-friendly format 
  • High impact branding at the point-of-sale 

Flexible beverage packaging business to business benefits:

  • Eliminates cleaning and risks of contamination.
  • Light, easy to dispose of, and hygienic.
  • Easy handling for large volume - each bag designed for catering and institutional use is equipped with a dispensing system for the safe and clean transfer of liquid. 

Common beverages using Bag-in-Box include: