Supply Cycle Thinking

Going beyond the traditional linear supply chain thinking and offer products that are designed to be circular

We go beyond the traditional linear supply chain and economic model to offer products that are highly reusable, have a longer life-cycle and can be returned, recycled and re-purposed at the end of its useful life.

This approach is consistent with Circular Economy ─the new alternative to the current linear economic model of ‘take-make-and-dispose’. The new model, improves the current cycle by reversing it and offering incentives to create highly-reusable products.

Our Supply Cycle Thinking approach to Design is a key enabler making our packaging solutions more circular so they can flow through existing recovery mechanisms better. From a close-loop supply cycle perspective ─in addition to design─ choosing a resilient material like plastics is a key component in the durability, longevity, recyclability and re-usability of packaging materials at the end of its useful life-cycle.