Polar Krush Switches to Bag-in-Box for Frozen Drink Concentrates

A leading UK supplier and manufacturer of frozen drinks, Polar Krush, recently approached Rapak with a challenge to change the packaging of their frozen drinks concentrates from single use plastic bottles to something more efficient and sustainable. As a result, the amount of plastic waste going into landfills will be reduced by 5 times thanks to the new Bag-in-Box solution.

With plastic use being a worldwide issue, Polar Krush is implementing environmental strategies to help reduce the increasing levels of single use plastic globally. They have joined forces with DS Smith Plastics, Rapak to switch from plastic bottles to 10L Bag-in-Box. Following the development work carried out with the Rapak team, Polar Krush are delighted to switch all of their range into one type of bag and one type of box to suit all types of customer needs. This solution removes hard plastics, replacing them with a recyclable, collapsible bag and a cardboard box. When the 10L flexible bag is empty, it is easily detached and replaced with a new Bag-in-Box, and then can be completely recycled, making it kinder to the environment than any other frozen drinks packaging systems.

The new Bag-in-Box packaging also brings the following benefits as the system is:

  • Easy to use: the tap system on the bag makes it easier for the customer to fill their dispenser manually, or to connect directly into the frozen drinks dispenser via an automatic filling system.
  • Longer shelf life: the Bag-in-Box keeps the opened concentrate fresh up to 12 weeks longer than plastic bottles.
  • Easier to store underneath the machine, taking away the need to store bottles.
  • Stackability: making shipping more efficient and reducing the carbon footprint.

About Polar Krush

Polar Krush, based in Northumberland, is the fastest growing frozen drinks supplier in the UK, and are rapidly expanding internationally. The manufacturing efficiency of the new Bag-in-Box system is supporting the company’s success and their ambitious growth plans. Central to the brand values are using natural flavouring and colours in the products and in 2017 Polar Krush was the first to switch a full range to sugar free versions. The new recipe is sweetened naturally with stevia leaf, avoiding any harmful artificial sweeteners, and offers a guilt free treat to help combat the rising obesity crisis. Its environmental initiatives, apart from switching to Bag-in-Box, include recyclable and reusable cups and straws projects.

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