DS Smith Plastics is known to be the ideal partner for designing a unique and memorable reusable beer crate

The identity and image of a beer brand often starts with the impact of its packaging, which is the reason why the new generation of the Boons Beer Family turned to DS Smith Plastics Bilzen to refresh the look of their brand by developing a new returnable beer crate that incorporated new technology in a memorable design.

The challenge

The family-owned beer label Boon ―founded in 1975 by Frank Boon― have been using the same crate for over 20 years. Boon Brewery’s logistical packaging has been a wooded ‘ribbed crate’, characterized by reinforced columns on the outer side.

Recently, the new generation of Boons followed in their father’s footsteps. Rejuvenating the image of the brand became one of their priorities. The new management of Boon Brewery, including brothers Karel and Jos Boon, vision includes the development of a reusable beer crate that blends the latest technical advantages of a modern crate with the famous Boon brand identity into its design.

The Boon brothers approached DS Smith Plastics Bilzen for their reputation, 50 years’ experience in the design of reusable beer crates and their Total Product Development process approach. They were interested in DS Smith Plastics’ process of defining customers’ requirements, in-house concept drawing capabilities and technical development of the mould.

The approach

DS Smith Plastics’ in-house designers worked closely together with the Boon brothers to identify their requirements and incorporating those requirements in the design of the new reusable beer crate. The proposed design is a combination of new technology, aesthetics and preserves the authenticity of the brand. The collaboration between the Boon brothers and the DS Smith Plastics’ team was crucial in finding the ideal solution.  

Whenever a new project brief comes in, whether it is for a new brand launch or a relaunch of an existing label, it is always a fun and interesting assignment that gets our creative juices flowing. — Niels Engels, creative designer at DS Smith Plastics Bilzen

The result

Boon Brewery’s durable and lightweight crates will now ensure efficiencies in the logistical process of the well-known beers ‘Geuze Boon’ and ‘Kriek Boon’ for the next 20 years. Some of the latest technology present in the new crates includes ergonomic handles which enhance the carrying comfort and non-stick in-mould labels (IML) guarantee a perfectly branded and flawless crate. The brewery can confidently look towards the future for further growth and development.

About Boon

The Boon family brewery was founded in 1975 by Frank Boon and recently his sons Karel and Jos Boon joined the company. The brewery is worldwide famous for their Lambic beers: ‘Geuze Boon’, ‘Kriek Boon’ and the Mariage Parfait branded beers. With a capacity over 20000 hectolitres, today the brewery has the world’s largest stock of Lambic in oak wooden barrels.