Foam Products Helps Float Children’s Swimming Aid to Success

Newly launched from Mini Mantas, the Mani children’s swimming float is one of the latest product designs to benefit from the unique material properties of expanded polypropylene (EPP).

DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products recommended the EPP solution for the swimming float design leading to the successful production of the Mani float crucially, without any design compromises.

Designed to be a safe transition for children into swimming, the Mani float provides the necessary support from the start of a child’s swimming journey keeping their body in the correct position and giving them confidence to fully explore in the water.  Design complete, Mini Mantas started the search for a suitable material which satisfied the required challenging mix of benefits of buoyancy, stability in chlorinated water, grip and to be visually appealing to the end customer.

After discovering a favourably UK based solution, Mini Mantas discussed the project development with the DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products design team during a site visit and discovered EPP, a lightweight, non-toxic material which offered buoyancy, chemical resistance and a range of vibrant colours. To achieve the level of grip needed, the product would have an A-surface textured finish applied giving the product a functional yet appealing tactile appearance.

About the founder of Mini Mantas: Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas is a product designer with over 20 years’ experience in the industry and is the owner of UK based design business P-DU ( The Mani swimming float is available from