Homecare Products Multinational Chooses DS Smith Plastics Reusable and Recyclable Polypropylene Trays for Internal Logistics

Durability, Reusability and Recyclability makes Polypropylene Trays the ideal sustainable packaging solution for internal logistics.

The challenge

When a manufacturer of homecare products approached DS Smith Plastics Slovakia, they were in search of a durable and reusable solution for their internal logistics which included the transport and storage of lightweight /high volume components. Due to the above, in addition to durability and reusability, the solution needed to be stackable on pallets and easy to move between different manufacturing operations.

Our approach

DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products proposed a customisable tray made from AkyLux polypropylene sheets, offering a lightweight, durable and reusable solution for their internal logistics. Akylux polypropylene sheets are easy to convert using a number of methods including die-cutting, creasing, welding, perforation, stapling, sewing and printing. The offered solution had the perfect combination of size and thickness to safely transport the products.


Through hard work and collaboration, DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products designed a stackable customised corrugated polypropylene tray that ensured mobility and durability. As an added benefit, the trays boast an average lifespan of approximately 4 years and are recyclable at the end of their useful life, providing both a long lasting and sustainable solution.

The combined benefits of the AkyLux material and advanced product engineering provided the customer with the ideal end result to best suit their specific business requirements.