Display from DS Smith promotes new Bübchen child care series

Colourful washing fun without microplastic

Erlensee, 27 October 2020. With their funny motifs and natural ingredients, they have long been the number one in German bathrooms: the Bübchen Kids "Shampoo & Shower Gel" products. The mild care series with microplastic-free formulas and fully recyclable packaging has been on sale since June. The action display for the launch of the environmentally friendly products comes from DS Smith's think tank. The secondary placement in the care series' colourful design highlights the variety and benefits of the range just as eye-catchingly as the free crayon associated with the POS campaign. At the same time, the solution guarantees that the imaginatively designed bottles can also be seen and removed by children. In this way, the display with its strong identity appeals to all fans of the Bübchen care series, both young and old, and thus increases the sales of the new product range in the long term.

Whether sports enthusiast, water march or tiger wash - the products of the Bübchen children's care series not only promise lots of shower adventures, but also care for children's skin and hair particularly gently. The products do not require any microplastics at all and are sold in a 100 percent recyclable 230 ml bottle. Just as colourful, imaginative and environmentally friendly as the products themselves is the campaign display with which the German market leader in the Kids Care segment draws attention to its new range at the point of sale. DS Smith's display and packaging strategists developed and produced this highly effective secondary placement.  



With its unusual shape and the colourful print image, the high-quality, offset-manufactured ¼ pallet display from DS Smith is a real eye-catcher on the sales floor. The high long-distance effect is effectively supported by the poster, which advertises with the free crayon and the attractive illustrations of the presented products. So that parents and children alike have an optimal view of the shampoo and shower gel bottles, the trays protruding from the slanted display body are set very low. In addition, the greater free space above the products guarantees that even the rear bottles can be seen and easily removed.

Prominently printed on the front sides of the trays, the central benefits of the new Bübchen child care series immediately catch the eye. At the same time, the unmistakable colour scheme and the identity-strong design create a high recognition value. In addition to the brand-consistent design and high visibility, the creative secondary placement of DS Smith scores with its handling advantages. The environmentally friendly single-material solution made of corrugated board is not only supplied to the trade ready made up, but can also be easily recycled after sale via the waste paper cycle.