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Regrinding at our Facilities

Because our reusable packaging products are designed to be recycled, DS Smith Plastics, Injection Moulding has regrinding facilities in each production site.

We can regrind and recycle your products at the end of their life cycle at four strategic locations in Belgium, Croatia, Poland and Spain.

Before being reground, the supplied products pass through a rigorous process of control and separation.

The regrinding units ensure that the product is reground in similar sized flakes. Those flakes pass through a separation installation that separates metal and any mechanical particles from the reground material.

To ensure the reground material is of the highest quality it passes through a washing line that filters out dust and any leftover particles that the separation installation might have left behind.

The reground material can then – at the request of the customer – be reused in production, where it is mixed according to a predetermined percentage with the new material to achieve an optimal product quality.

The entire recycling process is executed according to EU-guidelines and recycled products are manufactured following the strictest standards such as the ISO 14001 certificate.

This process ensures the recycled products are suited to last four up to six long-lasting life cycles.