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Mobile Regrinding at Customer Facilities

Besides offering recycling services of products at our four manufacturing sites, we offer autonomous mobile recycling services on site. DS Smith Plastics’ mobile regrinding units eliminate the unnecessary transport of your goods and reduce associated logistical costs.

Our mobile regrinding units are soundproof and have their own power supply, forklift and weighing scales.  They offer an efficient and unmatched flexibility, as they can be used in any location.

The most important advantage is the fact that the transport of the reground material is done six and a half times more efficiently than the transport of the crates itself. Following the regrinding, the reground material can be stored on site or given into storage with us until the production of the new products is ready to start.    

We possess the required certificates to comply with the different worldwide waste regulations and work according to local legislation.

Besides the mobile regrinding of plastics beverage crates, we have robots that can place or fill the new crates with bottles or can collect them for recycling. Our six-axis robots can handle all bottle formats.

Our flexible installations make it even possible to be integrated directly into an existing production line.