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International Network of Partners

The transport costs of finished crates to worldwide locations can sometimes be too high to justify producing them in our manufacturing sites. This is why we offer a total solution by arranging the required resources at a local Injection Moulder Partner facility.

When a certain project is better suited for a production off-site, we will support our local partner with our knowhow and expertise.  We will develop your product, manufacture the moulds and ensure that the production of your reusable packaging is perfectly integrated into the local partner’s production capacity. If necessary, we will install our own machines on site.  

We purchase the raw materials and closely follow-up throughout the production of your products.   Furthermore, we perform quality testing at partner’s manufacturing site to insure that your product is produced according to our own high standards.

Throughout the entire process we remain the only point of contact and we carry the ultimate responsibility for the entire project.

This way of working allows us to be active manufacturers of plastics reusable packaging in all corners of the world, from South Africa to South America.