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Bottle Transferring

Reusable Bottle crates and glass bottles go hand in hand. Due to this reason, we not only work closely together with our customers, but also directly with the glass bottle manufacturers.

Many beverage companies do not have the capacity to load a large amount of new bottles into their filling system or the system can only be supplied with filled crates.

It is for this reason that we strategically offer in all our four injection moulding European sites the logistical service of filling the crates with bottles or removing the bottles from the crates.

Following the production of the new reusable plastic crates bottles can be delivered to our manufacturing site, where they will be carefully placed inside the new beverage plastic crates by our robots.

Crates that have to be reground can be supplied to us already filled with bottles. The bottles will be directly transferred from the old into the new beverage crates.

If required, we can arrange for the recycling of the glass bottles in old beverage plastic crates.