Stackabox preforms.jpg

Stackabox™ for Preforms

The world of preforms requires a very specific transport solution that we have developed by way of the Stackabox™.

Preforms are transported in bulk, making them sensitive to damage. Our foldable Stackabox bulk container for caps and closures ―with or without a liner― is the ideal solution to reduce their damage while being transported. In addition, due to its base dispensing system― Stackabox™ bulk-dispensing container can be easily used throughout the entire production process of PET-bottles, both at the supplier’s side as well as at the filler’s side.

Bottom dispensing is becoming the overall preferred system for caps and closures. Different from others, bottom dispensing has the unique advantage to decrease damage to the bottleneck of the preforms, by smoothly sliding them in the hopper of the filling line. However, what differentiates Stackabox from all others is its dispensing flexibility which allows its integration to every imaginable automated system.