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Retail Ready Quarter Pallet

Our integrated approach ensures that retailers can combine effective merchandising with fast and efficient replenishment, to ensure the product is always in store and available – leading to increased sales.

Ideal for promotional events in store, a reusable plastic quarter pallet finds use right through the Supply Cycle and is ideal for in-store merchandising. It boasts four-way access design, optimised for versatile use as either single or twinned unit loads.

Our plastic quarter pallet also offers widespread compatibility with mechanical handling equipment throughout the Supply Cycle. The pallet is designed to nest together, which allows up to 36% space saving when not under load. It also features a partially open top deck surface for efficient washing, drying and improved cleanliness and general hygiene.

The plastic pallet can be washed by industry standard, automated fresh produce tray washing lines, while its ‘easy peel' surface to the vertical side walls of the deck, permits easier removal of any adhesive labels. The pallet is made of 100% recyclable materials.