Pallets for Beverage Crates

The development of our specialty plastic pallets for beverage crates is the result of years of intensive research, trials, testing and benchmarking in collaboration with a group of pallet providers within the beverage industry. As a result, we can guarantee that our crate pallets meet the highest standards.

Our plastic crate pallets are four-way entry pallets manufactured as one injection moulded shot piece with a high performance in safety, durability, ergonomics, hygiene and handling.

Plastic crate pallets are suitable for beer, water and soft drinks beverage crates and for different cross and column stacking patterns.

Measurements: 1200 x 1000x 168 mm
Material: HDPE (virgin or recycled)
Weight: 23kg (including rubber plugs)
Static load (2): 5000 kg
Dynamic load (3): 1500kg
Racking load (4): 1100kg
Colour: Black (other colours on demand)
Openings: 4 way entry pallet