Keg Pallets

DS Smith Plastics’ Keg pallets have been especially designed for 20L, 30L or 50L beer kegs. To meet the strict specifications for handling kegs, our pallets come with special taps that keep the kegs fixed to the pallet during handling, transport and storage. The excellent design provides maximum impact resistance and guarantees pallet’s long life cycle.

Measurments: 1200 x 800 x 163,5 mm
Material: HDPE (virgin or recycled)
Weight: 18kg (including rubber plugs and taps)
Static load(2): 10.000kg
Dynamic load(3): 2000kg
Racking load (4): 750kg
Colour: Black (other colours on demand)
Openings: 4 way entry pallet
Stacking: 10 pallets high (with 501/301)