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Central America Pallet

The two pieces Injection Moulded pallet was designed exclusively for the Central America market and fits the pallet measurements used in those specific countries.

It can be used for all kind of applications such as crates, cans, kegs and PET bottles.

The patented customized inserts allows the customer to have their company logo on the pallet or to add fluorescent colours for good visibility.

Measurments: 1092 x 940x 152 mm
Material: HDPE (virgin or recycled)
Weight: 19kg (including rubber plugs)
Static load (2): 3300kg
Dynamic load (3): 1100kg
Racking load(4): 1100kg
Colour: Black
Openings: 4 way entry pallet
Developed for: Crates, kegs, cans, PET bottles