Our Injection Moulded plastic pallets are designed for both space-efficiency and durability. Since plastic pallets are manufactured in a mould, their structure is highly consistent throughout which makes them the ideal solution for automated palletization, automated storage and conveyor systems. Since there are no deck boards to break or collapse, they are less likely to fail during use which ultimately could affect manufacturing flow or stoppage.

Some of the advantages offered by Injection Moulded plastic pallets include:

  • Light and easy to transport
    Plastic pallets are about 30%-35% lighter then wooden pallets
  • Stackable and rackable
    Plastic pallets are designed to be stacked and racked
  • Durable
    Made from PP or HDPE, our pallets are unlikely to be damaged during rough transport and have long life-cycles
  • Sustainable
    At the end of their useful long life, plastics pallets are 100% recyclable and can be re-purposed for a second life-cycle
  • Clean and hygienic
    Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned. No risk of contamination
  • Safety
    There are no nails, splinters or wooden shavings that can damage product or injure an employee

With more than 50 years of experience, we are an expert in pallets for kegs and beverage crates.

We specialize in cost-effective reusable Retail Ready pallets for the retail distribution market and its varied supply chains.

Based on our standard products, we develop customized pallet concepts that meet the toughest requirements in close cooperation with our clients.