Crate Families

A strong way to expand a well-established brand is to focus on brand recognition, which means that people can identify your brand by visual identifiable elements such as logos and colours.

A strong marketing tool for brand recognition is choosing a crate family that will carry key visual elements of your brand. By carrying the same elements, crates of the same family will memorialise the promise of your brand with the use of key brand elements such as colours, structure, labels and ergonomics, regardless of having a different shape and/or size.

Usually, crate families are used for products that come in different sizes (I.e. 24 x 33 liter and 20 x 0.5 liter); special label editions or new product launches (I.e. smaller crates for the launch of a new beverage or a larger crate for established markets), etc.

The unique elements of your brand will allow customers around the world to recognise your product instantly wherever they are!