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Through our beverage crates we already have a strong market leader position in the retail market, but the application possibilities for our injection moulded products are much broader.

Retailers appeal to our tailored solutions for their logistical challenges. Custom made trays, pallets, crates and containers form an essential part of their supply chain. More and more our creatively designed products make it onto the store shelves or are used as contemporary displays.

The main advantage is that no time or space is wasted transferring the end products and consumer goods. Especially for products in the higher price ranges, for example, our whiskey trays, a specific retail tray is the perfect solution.

Retailers are also known to look ahead towards the future, and there are now already plans to develop intelligent trays with built-in traceability or other digital applications. The internet of things is just around the corner.

Finally, the trolleys that customers use in a store to simplify the transport of the goods to the checkout, are also right up our street.