Injection Moulded Markets

Injection moulding is the ideal technique to manufacture a broad range of light-weight and durable plastic products.

Plastic products are easily cleaned and can be used in environments with strict hygienic requirements.

Our flexible and specialized design process allows for continuous innovation and pushes boundaries to maximize or minimize transport volumes with rackable, stackable and nestable solutions.

The combination of a low weight with a high rigidity makes our products suitable as durable packaging material for a range of different applications, but the possibilities do not end there. For example, injection moulded plastic products can also be used as parts in the construction business or as transit packaging in a production process. In cooperation with machine manufacturers we develop the perfect tray to transport the products through the processing chain. 

The possibilities are in fact infinite.

We hereby give a summary of the different markets we serve, but for almost each activity that poses a sustainable packaging challenge, we can offer customised solutions.