Agriculture & Horticulture

There is a great need in the agriculture and horticulture markets, for sustainable and efficient packaging material to store and transport products. To meet the needs of these markets, we offer durable and reusable packaging solutions. Our products are highly reusable, and can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

Agricultural market

Fruit and vegetables need to be packed safely to remain fresh and intact during the supply chain. At DS Smith Plastics, we provide customised reusable packaging to meet these demands. Our product offering includes durable, light-weight and reusable stackable crates and boxes.

Horticultural market

Besides packaging to transport agricultural products, our products play a part in the actual production process by offering plastic injection moulded trays for the different stages of the cultivation process. Our trays serve as a carrier for seeds, cuttings and plants. They are reusable, traceable and biodegradable.