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Quality Testing

DS Smith Plastics’ Injection Moulding business has its own test centre. Based on years of experience, a series of quality tests have been assembled to guarantee the highest levels in quality, performance and a long life cycle of all reusable plastic packaging.

Our experts can also analyse the material behaviour of the reusable plastic crates during use, storage and transport.

The tests can be executed, if desired, in the presence of the customer. Only when the crate behaves perfectly following each test, a mould release report will be drawn up. Following the report, the production can start.

We ensure the test area has constant environmental conditions, such as the air humidity level and the temperature.

Below is an overview of our most important tests:

  • Vertical stress resistance test
  • Dynamic resistance of handles test
  • Drop test
  • Impact test
  • Detergent resistance test
  • Vibration resistance test
  • Heat resistance test
  • Sun test
  • Aging test
  • Inmould Labels test
  • Scratch resistance of the Inmould Labels